CataclyZm [v0.09]

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CataclyZm Download Walkthrough + Inc Patch Mod Apk For PC Windows, Mac, Android – Great adventure and destiny await you in the vast world of Cataclyzm.

Developer: AmorousDezign Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 0.09
OS: Windows
Language: English
Voices: English
Genre: 2D Game, 2DCG, Male protagonist, Fantasy, Adventure, Big tits, Milf, Vaginal sex, Anal Sex, Furry, Handjob, Titfuck, Voyeurism, Urination (OPTIONAL), NTR (OPTIONAL), FUTA (OPTIONAL)



The world of Cataclyzm is the result of a mysterious cataclysmic event that has merged two different worlds into one. The inhabitants consist of Humans and Beasts, which are humanoid animals (Furry). You take on the role of a wannabe hero called Miles, an orphan boy who is raised at the village church by a busty and voluptuous nun. Great adventure and destiny await you in the vast world of Cataclyzm, where you have to battle wild beasts, meet sexy women and make hard decisions. The game is a work in progress and your support will help me deliver more content and regular updates.​

CataclyZm Free Download
CataclyZm Free Download

– New Features:

  • Now you can ask Julia to change into different outfits (After she moves in the Manor with you)
  • The TP training area in Xavior Manor has been changed to HP training because TP cannot be increased.
  • You can now check Baroness Julia out at nights in her bed. After the Beauty and the Beast quest is done you will have more options with her at nights.
  • Having sex with Julia is now possible.
  • Initiating the Missing Bunnies Quest, Lala will give you a pendant which will help you locate the bunnies easier.
  • Lust potion recipe can now be received from the Oracle.
  • You can now take baths in your manor alone or with Julia after you have asked her to move in the Manor with you.
  • The bucket for cooling down the lava has now 3 charges with each fill

– New Locations:

  • Sothern Hills

– New Enemies:

  • Wet Bandits

– Story Progression:

  • Some changes to Kaali GOOD/EVIL path in the Lion’s Den.

– Added Scenes:

  • Julia Fishnet bust image added
  • Julia Angel Costume bust image added
  • Julia Devil Costume bust image added
  • Julia Bridal Lingerie bust image added
  • Julia blowjob scenes added (+6 costume variations)
  • Julia boobjob scene (+4 costume variations)
  • Julia sleeping scene (+4 variations)
  • Julia sex scene
  • Julia bath scene
  • Julia church scene
  • Susan Angel Costume added
  • Nalla throat fuck
  • Wet Bandit 1 Victory scene
  • Wet Bandit 1 Defeat scene
  • Wet Bandit 2 Victory scene
  • Wet Bandit 1 Defeat scene

– Fixed Bugs & Changes:

  • Triss “Fun way” bug fixed
  • Dungeon below the Baron’s manor accessible

How To Install CataclyZm

  1. Extract
  2. Play the game

CataclyZm Free Download




Walkthrough: MEGA