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Adventurer Trainer Download Walkthrough + Inc Patch Mod Apk For PC Windows, Mac, Android – is a free non-commercial fan-made porn-parody Dating Sim/Visual Novel with RPG elements.

Developer: PastryIRL – Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 0.1.3
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android
Language: English
Genre: 3DCG, Male protagonist, Parody, Animated, Harem, Loli, Teasing, Virgin, Dating Sim, Humor, Romance, Dating sim, Fantasy, Sandbox, RPG, Turn based combat, Big tits, Big Ass, Handjob, MILF, Ahegao, Creampie, Titfuck, Incest, Exhibitionism, Vaginal Sex, Mobile game



Adventurer Trainer is a free non-commercial fan-made porn-parody Dating Sim/Visual Novel with RPG elements, set in a fictional universe loosely based on Konosuba and other titles. You will meet familiar characters, embark on exhilarating adventures, solve mysteries and more!

Adventurer Trainer Free Download
Adventurer Trainer Free Download

The main focus of this update is polishing and expanding the existing gameplay systems.
The story centers on developing the relationships with Megumin and Chris, as well as setting up the foundation for future events with Yunyun and Rin.

– +13k words, up to the total of 53k
– +618 images, totaling 2212
– +3 videos
– +4 Main Events (and 1 battle)
– +3 Chris Events (1 H-scene)
– +2 Megumin Events (1 H-scene)
– +1 Yunyun Event
– +1 Rin event
– +1 Chomusuke event
– +9 new adventure triggers
– +1 [REDACTED] mini-scene
– Added an opening movie
– Added 3 video animations to Aqua’s “Divine Time” event to replace stop-frame animations.
– Completely revamped Gabriel’s and Luna’s appearance.

– Completely redesigned the main menu and the game menu
– Items now have rarity levels which will be correctly displayed in the inventory screen
– Usable quest items will now be marked appropriately in the inventory
– Numerous screens are now animated and more responsive to user actions
– Made changes to the quick menu, hopefully making it more noticeable and removing redundant options
– Added an XP bar to the inventory. You can now track how close you are to hitting the next level!
– Added gifts that you can use to raise your affection levels. You can find them or buy them off of Wiz.
– Added Effects and Animations options to Preferences menu that the player can turn off in case the game isn’t running well on their device.
– Added a Reputation system; choices that you make may now change it, affecting the way the other characters will see you.
– Added a What’s New screen to showcase new features after an update.

– Replaced recurrent quests with Quest Director system, which will generate a random layout for each adventure you embark on. You can now choose which room to proceed to, allowing you to choose to avoid encounters or seek them out.
– You will now receive a popup message explaining why you can’t use a skill, for example when you’re out of mana or there are no valid targets
– Monster names will now be shown in target selection screen and during enemy turns
– With every hit, the monsters will flinch ever so slightly to emphasize impact
– Added animated backgrounds. Now the fog in the dungeon will move as it’s supposed to
– The chance to hit is now displayed when selecting a target
– Added a new type of miniboss: Skeleton King! You can find these formidable opponents in the tomb, but watch out: they excel at commanding their undead troops.
– Added a new type of enemy: Foxes! They’re cute. That’s about it
– Added collectibles. Keep an eye out for it!
– Added a new type of curio: fishing spots!
– Added a new type of curio: buffing and healing stations!
– Added a new animated popup to display item drops
– Clearing combat encounters can now provide loot
– Adventure buttons will now indicate the contents of the next room
– Added new reactions from party members to different events

– Direwolf miniboss can now use an AOE ability to increase dodge of the enemy party.
– Added Mana Potions, which can be found or bought at Wiz’s store.
– Kazuma’s Snipe now deals 30% more damage.
– Aqua’s Turn Undead is now an AOE skill. It will also display an additional visual effect.
– Skeleton’s HP reduced to 85.
– Aqua’s Heal now heals for 20% of a unit’s max HP, plus 20% per each boost point spent.
– Aqua’s Heal can now overheal units. However, it can’t target units with full HP.
– Reduced Aqua’s base strength by 2.
– Healing Potions can no longer target healthy units.
– Killing monsters now grants experience.
– Increased the amount of Gold that can be stolen from the Mimic to 350.
– Chunchunmaru.

How To Install Adventurer Trainer

  1. Extract
  2. Play the game

Adventurer Trainer Free Download